The Crazy Dog Pawtique Or Starting a Shop for £50

So with Narnia Bug coming into my life after me losing Lucy Locket, I entered the

crazy sometimes stressful world of dog shows.

It struck me then how many people didn't have a nice show poo bag holder, they didn't have fancy treat bags and here was me with the lot! And it was noticed! I soon became known for the lady with the huge dog and the fancy accessories. It didn't take me long to corner that market and set up selling custom dog and show accessories something that I still sell today.

So here came the dilemma and it was quite a big one.. you know like huge BIG Great Dane sized one! If I went to an outdoor show and it rained, everything would get soaked and a lot would be ruined, hmm a marquee I though but then with the weather we get in Cornwall I thought No! I need something more substantial, then an idea popped up in my head, this would have of course been a 3am idea that then wakes my brain up. " Yes it does wake up at inappropriate times and keeps me awake" What about if I bought a caravan? and stripped it out inside and fitted it out with shelves. Its dry, secure and mobile and with the windows, its light too! That kept me awake all night thinking, planning and dreaming. The morning came and I started my search then the most extraordinary thing happened! I looked on marketplace and there was a caravan listed 5 mins ago and pretty close by. It was a scrap yard. The ad read.

Caravan for Sale.. Stripped out Inside, good axle, would make a super trailer £50 buyer must collect, will tow, tyres good.

I sent him a message, telling him of my idea and asking do you think it wold be any good for me? almost immediately I got a message saying. " I love this idea, anything to help a small business, can you collect this evening? I of course said yes and by 7pm I had the basis for the start of creating my dream.

That night I went to bed both nervous and excited at where this box on wheels may take me and my business.

I started working on it the next day

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