The Crazy Dog Pawtique

So here I am with an old stripped out caravan for £50, Now the real work starts, while still trying to run the business, by now I'd given up on online sales as I'd just got such a slow connection it had become impossible, unless I went out to use Mc Donald's connection!

The 1st job was to cure the damp the interior roof had to be removed, I was lucky the floor was sound and didn't need any work.

My husband started to make the shelves, all from upcycled wood., and I started to paint the dull walls. We re lined the roof and added insulation.

The next job was to design, cut and fit the graphics. I wanted it to look like the name the Crazy Dog Pawtique, It was then ready for stock to be added.

Then came opening day and it went well. People were talking about the caravan shop. At this point it was still very hard to promote myself online. Still no reliable net and my connection was off most days or too slow to load even emails. It was very hard!!

Unless I went out, it was impossible to get online at times!

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