How it all started .. or .. A Dream In The Making!

You know like when you are just sitting, TV on but your mind is elsewhere?. The Dreams you spin in your head?

Yes?. Well It was one of those moments that led me to start my own business. The creation of a dream you could say and one that would grow and grow! A ticket to dream! but also a ticket to make a dream come true!

My Dream Ticket

I'd had a business before ran with my mom , a collector's shop then a tea room and on to our own restaurant then back to a collectors shop, but when dad got terminal cancer, we took the decision to close, to take care of him. after dad passed we moved and started to trade again in collectables and antiques. We decided to sell online and at the same time I also took up photography and photo manipulation. Which later became freelance product photography for some quite well know magazines.

Then mom became ill, 1st with breast cancer which she was cured from again, she'd had it before a few years ago, but then came pancreatic cancer and a gruelling 11 hour operation to try and save her life, thankfully it worked and we again thought about restarting the business, since I was a child I'd been crafty I made dough dolls and jewellery and sold them. We though a part time business may just work while she got stronger, on June 1st her birthday she was given the all clear on the 5th she was rushed into hospital with a delayed reaction to the operation and she passed away. It was such a shock!...

Lucy comforting mom after her diagnosis

It was mom's wish for me to re start a business, get something of your own she'd say, something to be proud of. So on Halloween while watching a horror film I sat making a necklace, I posted it on Facebook just before midnight and one of my USA friends said. " May I buy this please?" and that was that ... The start of my business.. It ticked away nicely for a while. We had awfully slow broadband which would go off almost weekly, it wasn't reliable and dial up speed. I struggled to share what I'd created and uploading photos became more of a struggle as our connection got worse and worse.

Lucy And I Always Together.

Then another death in the family my Great Dane who had helped me through losing mom and dad had cancer and I lost her. I was devastated and ready to just give up! 3 days later a Great Dane puppy was advertised quite local, I knew I had to have her and she lead me to the re starting again of my business, the start of the dream and The Crazy Dog Pawtique.........

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