Growing Or Going Full Circle?

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

So, here I am with my superfast 330 MBPS Fibre connection and as grown online I start to get asked for more than doggo makes. Do you do anything cat, pig cow ?

I started to see more people asking for more animals, maybe the Crazy Dog Pawtique could be more than just , things for dogs and dog people? Maybe I should offer Maud with her 40 cats a bag or a mug. Yes I think maybe now is the time to move away from just specialising into something more! Again the idea grew, but I was nervous, I had to invest more money into the business to offer more, should I take the risk

I decided nothing ventured nothing gained.. I needed a new name... The Crazy Dog Pawtique was a wonderful name but people would think I just did doggy things. What should I call my new expanded business?

Lucy Locket

Of course there was only one thing to do and now the time was right! Lucy Locket's but there was a few businesses called Lucy Locket, I needed something else ....

Lucy Locket's Studio. In memory of my amazing girl who was always by my side

My dream had grown and now it was time to honour my girl..

So here we are in 2019 and I started to research into a new online Marketplace I joined one, didn't like it, plus the support was non existent , moved to another and the fees were awful! So I started to work on my website, then I discovered a UK based Marketplace called Heartizan, I knew within days that I had found my happy place, my new business home, I loved it so much I joined the Madmin Team.. My business had started to bloom and take flight like it had never before. It was good. But then !!

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