2020 Lockdown Covid & Survival

Then came 2020 We started off on an amazing footage with January being non stop with orders in the shop and online! The came Covid and the shock of having to close my caravan shop! shows and events being cancelled and life going on and on like everyday was a Sunday, I missed opening my shop and people! So I decided to take up a new hobby something that I had wanted to try for years. Machine Embroidery.

and Wow I loved it. So much so in the same week I spotted the larger machine in the sales and I bought that too! It was now part of my business.

It was in the same month and the weeks that followed that Heartizan encouraged me to grow my social media. Shorty after I won 5 business awards I was listed in the top 1000 inspirational women and of course I had also had my story published in The Heartizan Way so well getting publicity from that too. My business had bloomed and grown, and I had Heartizan to thank for it

To be continued .....................................

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