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About Lucy Locket's Studio

Lucy Locket’s Studio and Shop... The biggest smallest most mobile gift shop in Cornwall, stocking a wide range of handmade gifts and jewellery from fused glass art and jewellery to mugs, bags, cushions, greeting cards and more in fact something for everybody including the dog!


About Me:


My name is Mandy Jayne Gregory and this is my dream. I live on a farm in Cornwall UK with my husband Charlie and my Great Dane


In 2017 I had an idea one which grew and grew until out of my idea my business was born.


Like many hand made crafters I did craft fairs, I did quite a few outdoor ones and often found if it rained things just got ruined!  My idea was to purchase a caravan and convert it onto a shop.


I found a caravan and we bought it for just £50. My husband Charlie worked very hard to convert it into my shop. He used recycled wood from crates and pallets

In Spring 2018 it was ready to open. At first, I did animal-themed gifts and then in 2019, I decided to turn my hobby of fused glass into a business to complement my existing business.


In May 2019 I opened Lucy Locket’s Studio alongside my existing business The Crazy Dog Pawtique.. .. Lucy Locket’s Studio is named in memory of my previous Great Dane Lucy Locket… In early  2020, I  won 5 small business awards H2H. Women In Business, Twitter Sisters, smart Social  & Queen of.

I then took the opportunity in lockdown to get the busniess that had upto that point mainly been face to face fully online as you can see, here I am, though I do have lots more hand made gifts still to add!.  I also used lockdown to learn a new skill machine embroidery.

I have had my business story published in a book  The Heartizan Way and I was featured in the top 1000 inspirational women.  You can read that here 

Then in September Cornwall Council asked if they could feature my loeckdown story in thier social media campaign, I was delighted and of course accepted.   You can read that here

I am now hoping to continue to grow my business in 2022 and beyond .